buckets.grayhatwarfare.com open s3 buckets search engine is updated!

Since we you guys loved us so much, and you gave us the joy of being top post on /r/netsec  we have decided to do our best to please you!

We are happy to announce the launch of the new version of the tool.

Whats new:

  • Sometimes files are listed but are not accessible. Not accessible files are noted as such to save you time clicking.
  • A lot of you asked to be able to ignore buckets on the search results. This too, was implemented.
  • You can now sort results by size.
  • Search was limited to filename. Now keywords can be matched in the directory of the file.
  • Project is completely rewritten from Slim Framework to Symfony.

What’s to come:

  • Update the index.
    • We have gone up from 48000 buckets to 80000.
    • More than triple the files we have now. Those will be published soon.
  • Completely remove non accessible files from index.
  • Open Directories search.
  • Look at other cloud services.

As always we are happy to hear your feature requests!


Thanks for the support